Social Media Management

Understanding Social Media

For many of us, our personal lives are effected by social media every day, but it is also a great tool for businesses to connect with your existing customer base and attract new schools. However, keeping on top of the various social channels whilst increasing the number of fans and followers can be a daunting task.

At bee-seen, we can take you through everything from Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Google Plus to ensure that you are maximising your web presence and targeting the thousands of schools, teachers, headteachers and technicians that are already using these services.

Why is social media so important?

  • 1) It is a great way to connect to your existing customers
  • 2) Provides a facility to reach out to new schools
  • 3) Instantaneous way to share your content and messages
  • 4) Enables you to build a brand with personality
  • 5) Search results are being influenced by social media

Social Media Management

bee-seen can set up accounts on all of the major social networks and manage your presence for you. Our dedicated team of digital marketing experts will tweet, add Facebook posts and publish content to Google Plus on a daily basis, gathering followers as we go. But social media isn’t just about telling people what your company is doing – informing your followers of other interesting news articles, posing thought provoking questions and giving advice is what gains listeners, and this is where we excel.

It is our job to ensure that your company is positioned as the experts in your area of education technology, be that assessment and reporting, games based learning or anything else. Alongside promoting company news, we will scour the web and keep our ears close to the ground to find relevant and interesting content that we can tweet, post and plus 1 to help increase your company’s clout.

We will increase your number of followers and fans using legitimate, honest approaches without spamming or mass mailing prospective customers, whilst ensuring older customers don’t feel ignored.


At the end of each month, we will provide you with an in-depth report covering audience growth and the impact of using social media channels so that you can see exactly what we have been doing and how it has helped. Using the report we can assess what has worked best and what we can do to keep your social media presence high and ensure you continue to be seen as the experts in your field of education technology.

Want to improve your social presence?

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