Why do I need SEO when Marketing to Schools?

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most crucial elements to a successful digital marketing strategy. So you have got a great product and a sleek website, but how do you go about getting people to find you on the internet when your company is just one of many millions of websites? You need to know what terms people are searching for and how to use this information to get to the top of a search engine results pages without spamming and causing long-term damage. Welcome to SEO!

What is SEO

SEO is the optimisation of a website to improve its visibility on the web. Loosely speaking, SEO can be broken down into two areas – Onsite (everything that your website contains) and Offsite (how other websites ‘talk’ about you). It is our job to ensure your website reflects your services in a clear way that entices people as well as Google, and that other websites ‘talk’ about you in the right way too.

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We begin by performing a full in-depth review of your website highlighting any obvious potential issues. We then brainstorm an extensive list of keywords that people may use to find your services, narrowing these down to a select bunch in reference to how many people search for these terms on a monthly basis and how much competition there is for them. We look at ways in which we can increase the number of high-quality backlinks to your website by utilising your own customers as well as our extensive knowledge of the education sector, before a competitor analysis, which enables us to understand why a competing company comes higher up on web search results pages, concludes the research stages of our SEO strategy, at which stage we begin implementing our findings!


We will take you step by step through the suggested changes, informing you as to why these changes should be made. If you take up our content creation services, we will simultaneously write (and where possible, upload) content for your website which has been created with SEO in mind, taking some of the hard work away. Once the onsite changes have been made, we begin building backlinks to your website from other authoritative sites to increase the visibility of your company in organic web searches.



As website optimisations can take several weeks to have any real noticeable effects, we will provide an in depth report at the end of each quarter to show the impact that the changes have made. The report will look at a variety of aspects from website visitor numbers through to the position on search engine results pages for target keywords. The report not only shows the importance of a quality SEO strategy, but helps to highlight any areas that we can focus on moving forward.

Ongoing Support

But our job isn’t done here. Websites are continually being updated and tweaked, and the terms people use to find services are often changing. Last year for instance, a pupil tracking system may have targeted keywords such as ‘online pupil tracking tool’ or ’recording pupil development’, however since the new EYFS framework came into play, more than 12,000 UK searches for ‘EYFS’ occur on Google every month*. If the pupil tracking system supports EYFS, it is vital that the targeted keywords are amended to reflect this in order to get the website listed on the search engine results pages, thereby increasing the number of website visitors.

It is our job to understand the developments in the sector, how these may affect your business and how we can capitalise on this information.

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