Paid Traffic Acquisition

What is Paid Traffic Acquisition?

At BEE Digital, we look at traffic in two ways – paid and organic. Acquiring an audience through organic means (SEO, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, PR etc) is great but it can take longer to achieve and doesn’t have direct, immediate results.

Paying for qualified traffic brings people to your website who are both your ideal audience and ready to buy. Think of it as a tap that can be turned on or off as often as you like with instant results. What’s more, the audience can be retargeted to in the future with very specific adverts based on their behaviours and actions whilst on your website, making paid traffic acquisition an incredibly exciting route to market. 

Types of Paid Traffic

  • Facebook Adverts
  • Twitter Adverts
  • YouTube Video Adverts
  • Display Networks
  • Google Adwords
  • Banner and Skyscraper Adverts

So which is the best source of paid traffic?

We don’t like to say where the ‘best’ paid traffic comes from as it really depends on the type of product advertised and the time of year. Some companies we work with have an incredible success rate through very specific Facebook targeting, whereas others only see traction when using adverts in the Display Networks (you know those little adverts that you see on the newspaper websites?)

Our acquisition team will work with you to undersand your goals and research where your audience hangs out. We will then create adverts that are built to convert, producing multiple variations that we can split test, narrowing down to one or two high performing adverts that deliver on click through rates and conversions.

And is it all cold traffic?

We run cold, warm and hot adverts right through the sales funnel. This means as well as targeting teachers who have never heard of you before (and are therefore likely to take more time to buy), we can reach out to those who have heard of you and been on various pages of your website, targeting them with very specific adverts based on their interests and previous interactions with your website. Pretty cool huh?



To encourage primary school teachers to download a guide based on a client product


We created 4 facebook adverts with multiple variations for split testing, targeting primary school teachers across the UK. Within 14 days we had gathered 1018 clicks through to the website at a cost of 13 pence each, with 163 people downloading the guide – a total cost of 84 pence per conversion. These visitors and downloaders were then added to custom audience lists for future retargeting.

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