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Professionally curated content

Our in-house education experts can create a range of top, middle and bottom of funnel content for marketing purposes, as well as lesson plans, and educational pieces for your product. Using our in depth knowledge of the education sector and the very latest marketing strategies, we can ensure your company is producing content that will stand out from the crowd.

Website Content

The most important element of any website is high quality, engaging content. Without it your website will simply not be found and you’ll have very little to shout about through your social media channels. But finding the time to create unique and engaging content is incredibly difficult – add to this the need to write in a way that is compliant with SEO practices so they appear high on search engine result pages, and you have got one very time-consuming, technical task relying on keyword research, density checks, link strategies and layout considerations. This is where bee-seen steps in.


From writing softer pieces through to tackling educational topics, our blog content can help your website gain traffic and build brand awareness. 


Website page content should be engaging, to the point and with clear calls to action. Our content experts will create pages that convert and rank in Google.


Researching and producing shareable infographics and charts that are relevant to the education industry helps to present your company as the experts.


White papers, research pieces and other considered downloads for middle of funnel visitors help to convert tyre-kickers into serious buyers.

Content Publication

We have been creating informative but not overly ‘salesy’ articles for companies within the education technology sector for years, it is what we do, it is our bread and butter. Our team of education technology experts will produce well researched articles that get to the point without the unnecessary waffle, then publishing these on external news websites to improve SEO rankings and build an audience.

All articles are completely unique and written from scratch. Additionally, we create alternate versions of every article to publish on reputable third party websites, directories and blogs in order to improve the number of backlinks and overall visibility of your website.


ContentBee-itWe own and run bee-it, the online education technology news website that gains over 30,000 visits per month from UK educators. By working with us, not only we will repurpose existing content and create case studies, promotional articles and reviews, but we will publish them onto the bee-it website, social media channels and e-newsletter to help raise awareness of your company and products.

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